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Marble Transformation

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April 17, 2017

Source List

Designer: Claudia Giselle, Claudia Giselle Design
Photographer: Garrett Rowland

Cabinetry: Claudia Giselle Design
Hardware: Restoration Hardware
Lighting: Hudson Valley Lighting
Plumbing Accessories:Kohler
Plumbing Fixtures: Kohler
Toilet: Toto
Wallcovering: Luna Textiles

April 17, 2017

When New York City-based designer Claudia Giselle first saw this bath, she knew immediately it had the potential to wow its homeowners. However, the original layout failed to optimize the space, and the result was a dark and dingy space – a far cry from the oasis the homeowners wanted.

“I knew this small space could be transformed, but it needed more work than a basic upgrade of the finishes,” said Giselle, adding that the clients originally thought small upgrades were all that was necessary. “I saw an opportunity that would transform this existing bathroom into an elegant and efficient master.”

Fixing the Main Issues

One of the fundamental problems with the bath was the improper layout. The toilet was the first visible element when entering the room, there wasn’t enough storage, and the shower was completely enclosed on three sides by walls.

“The challenge was working within the existing footprint,” said Giselle. “We suggested swapping the location of the toilet and sink for a better layout. This swap allowed for more room to add custom cabinetry, which could better provide more efficient storage and a sense of expansiveness. ”

When she designs a bathroom, hand-drawn plans and elevations are often enough to illustrate the design concept. However, for this project, the design team used SketchUp for the 3D drawings.

“I wanted my clients to really see what I was visualizing,” said Giselle. “This was a great tool because we were able to illustrate the new sight lines of the proposed bathroom.”

Open and Light

These new sightlines start with the frameless glass shower enclosure. The previous shower only let natural light in through the doorframe, and the walls surrounding it made the bath appear smaller. The new enclosure instead allows for uninterrupted views of the bathroom, while a half-wall conceals the toilet from view upon entering the bathroom.

A wide glass mirror behind the vanity – now the center of attention when entering the room – also visually enlarges the space. The marble countertop on the vanity extends from wall to wall, adding countertop space and depth to the bath.

“In essence, we are creating layers that complement each other and add dimension,” said Giselle.

The vanity itself boasts white-painted, wood cabinetry with recessed fronts, as well as an opaque glass for the upper cabinets. The hardware in the bathroom is nickel, which pulls out the silver veins in the marble countertops.

The Luxury of Stone

The marble continues with giant tiles on the walls, floor and ceiling in the shower. However, the wall tile is larger than the tile on the floor, and an accent mosaic tile was added as a border around the entire room. Above the stone tile wall, a light gray, woven textile adds texture to the bathroom without creating visual clutter.

“I love knowing that my clients are enjoying their new space,” said Giselle. “The homeowner told me, ‘I feel like a different person getting ready in the morning. It makes all the difference in the world.”