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A Personal Sanctuary

the setting

A busy lawyer, single mother and community leader yearned for a luxurious master suite that delivered streamlined organization during the week and a private sanctuary where she could recharge on weekends. 


Space was re-allocated from an adjacent secondary bathroom and closet to create a grand and expansive master suite with storage. A soothing neutral color scheme visually connects bath, dressing area and closet with the adjoining bedroom.  

Black, gold and gray furnishings play boldly against the tranquil backdrop that showcases a dramatic geometric floor treatment. A dark wood vanity with rich gold trim is an elegant foil to lush velvet and crisp linen fabrics in neutrals. Hand-blown Murano glass sconces and exquisite lighting add a unique and feminine touch.


Custom-built cabinetry maximizes space utilization and houses every element of the client’s newly edited wardrobe with efficiency, functionality and ease of use. Technology for home entertainment and management is cleverly and efficiently hidden. To further expand the space visually, a glass door and balcony were integrated, opening up views of the surrounding three acres of woods and providing a setting for a quiet respite at the beginning or end of the day.

While reduced in size, the adjacent secondary bathroom was ramped up with glitz and glam without sacrificing usability. Mirrors and a wall-mounted vanity and toilet maintain a sense of spaciousness set against clean and simple wall and floor treatment. Sophisticated floral patterns are subtly integrated to add a romantic element.

Reorganizing space carved out a gracious retreat and jewel box of a secondary bathroom that met all utilitarian requirements without compromising on aesthetics. A spa-like dressing and bathing area is filled with natural light and outdoor views that harness the healing powers of nature. Steeped in luxury and glamour, the private oasis is a chic and sensual model of modern function and efficiency that delivers serenity and reduces stress all week long. 

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